Gather Your Friends for Fabulous Fun with FIORRA and have a blast shopping from home with joy and laughter.

We offer an exquisite selection of Lotions, Salve, Oral Spray, bath bombs and consumable products for your friends and your party. There is something exciting and special for you and everyone on your gift list! Discover the perfect CBD products for your friends or your loved ones who will seriously love you for it. We have all the latest inspirations and tips for a rewarding life of less pain, stress and anxiety. Plus help them get more energy in the day and better sleep at night! 

Ask a FIORRA Party Host for Details!

A FIORRA CBD party is held in a private home where guests can view, sample and purchase CBD products in a safe environment - a place where they can feel comfortable talking about products that they may be unfamiliar with. Guests are encouraged to ask questions about how these products are used and how they relate to an individual's mental and physical challenges. A knowledgeable FIORRA Host will help to create an open, sensitive atmosphere necessary for such questions to be answered throughout the party.

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The bigger the party, the bigger the rewards! As soon as your party hits $200 you begin earning rewards! When your party hits $500 or more we give you a free FIORRA Tote Bag or any Apparel item.