FIORRA Smooth Sailin' - CBD Infused Ground Coffee (400mg CBD / 8oz)

  • Organic Coffee Bean, 99.99% PURE CBD Isolate. THC Free. 400 mg Pure CBD / 8 ounces of MOSA CertifiedOrganic Ground Coffee. Resealable zipper foil bag to preserve freshness  | TESTED FREE from Solvents, Heavy Metals, Pesticides & Mold
  • This medium roast ground coffee is a special treat. With its notes of sweet chocolate, honey and caramel. You probably can't have just one cup. This 100% organic medium roast coffee is a medium roast (6 on a 10 scale). This is a 8 oz bag of ground beans, in fine coarseness ideally suited for drip coffee or reusable K-Cups. Much like a Full City Roast or Medium Roast, these beans are roasted to a medium-dark to moderate-dark brown. Enjoy a fabulous mocha java aroma, followed by bold initial flavor on the tongue followed by an elegant sweet finish.
  • Ground bean Origin: Peru, Central America, Indonesia Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic Dark Roast or Full Roast (6 on a 10 scale) Caffeinated; 100% organic coffee blend Chemical and pesticide free 8oz. Resealable Bag; Medium acidity MOSA Certified Organic Coffee


FIORRA CBD Guarantee

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