Each X PRESS bottle makes ~ 17 to 30 (10oz) cups of coffee (depending how strong you prefer it). We like strong coffee so a half ounce pour is perfect.

Welcome to the new world of Coffee. "Taste every aspect of the coffee bean" Brewing coffee is old school! Light years ahead of old school brewing and cold brews that take forever to make... we expertly crafted our Coffee that requires no brewing at all! Even better, we infused it with 500mg of our CBD for additional benefits. This is 100% pure coffee and wildly delicious. Experience what a full bean profile tastes like. Open it, pour it, add hot or cold water and your done!

1 half ounce pour contains 30mg CBD (serving)

It's special: FIORRA's new X PRESS (brew-less coffee) allows you to make your coffee just the way you want it. Simply add water and your favorite stuff, and you'll be enjoying the most refreshing cup of coffee whenever and wherever you like it.

Made to be perfect in large batches or single servings! 

    • Each 250ml glass bottle makes 1.3 gallons of coffee with 500mg CBD
    • Made from our Smooth Sailin' MOSA Certified Whole Bean

    • 100% PURE, no dilution, no preservatives and no additives

    • Refrigerate after opening for best results (Constant refrigeration not required) 

    • Best to use within 6 weeks of opening

Take it to work... camping... fishing... anywhere!

Pour it in your water bottle... ice cream... cereal... espresso cup... everywhere!